Obama’s Make-Believe Diplomacy

Who would you think V. Putin thanks his lucky stars for having helped him march in and usurp the sea based territory of Crimea.  None other that Barack Hussein Obama!!
Not just because Obama is too chicken hearted to stand up to the Russian man of the hour but because of his political clown act with the Keystone Pipeline.

One of the most important reasons for the pipeline is to create our own energy independence but another critical reason is to make us an exporter of gas and oil.  The eastern Europeans are held hostage for natural gas provided by Russian pipelines.  If our energy infrastructure was where it should be we would be years closer to being able to remove the energy handcuffs from our allies.

Obama continues to play political football with the Keystone project to the detriment of our independence and our ability to bring pressure on the tyranny of Putin.  The embarrassing lack of national resolve of our President and his lap dog John Kerry in another chapter in the legacy of the worst national wrecking ball we have ever had in the White House.

Global View columnist Bret Stephens comments on the agreement reached Thursday between Ukraine and Russia in Geneva.      Click HERE


Dennis Prager

I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies of Jimmy Carter (the last Democrat I voted for) or Bill Clinton. Nor did I care for the “compassionate conservatism” of George W. Bush. In modern political parlance “compassionate” is a euphemism for ever-expanding government.

But I have never written or broadcast that our country was being seriously damaged by a president. So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America. The only question is whether this can ever be undone.

This is equally true domestically and internationally. Domestically, his policies have had a grave impact on the American economy. He has overseen the weakest recovery from a recession in modern American history. He has mired the country in unprecedented levels of debt: about $6.5 trillion — that is 6,500 billion — in five years (this after calling his predecessor “unpatriotic” for adding nearly $5 trillion in eight years).

He has fashioned a country in which more Americans now receive government aid — means-tested, let alone non-means-tested — than work full-time.

He has no method of paying for this debt other than printing more money — thereby surreptitiously taxing everyone through inflation, including the poor he claims to be helping, and cheapening the dollar to the point that some countries are talking about another reserve currency — and saddling the next generations with enormous debts.

With his 2,500-page Affordable Care Act he has made it impossible for hundreds of thousands, soon millions, of Americans to keep their individual or employer-sponsored group health insurance; he has stymied American medical innovation with an utterly destructive tax on medical devices; and he has caused hundreds of thousands of workers to lose full-time jobs because of the health-care costs imposed by Obamacare on employers.

His Internal Revenue Service used its unparalleled power to stymie political dissent. No one has been held accountable.

His ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi , Libya . No one has been blamed.The only blame the Obama administration has leveled was on a videomaker in California who had nothing to do with the assault.

In this president’s White House the buck stops nowhere. Among presidents in modern American history, he has also been a uniquely divisive force. It began with his forcing Obamacare through Congress—the only major legislation in American history to be passed with no votes from the opposition party!

Though he has had a unique opportunity to do so, he has not helped heal racial tensions, but he has exacerbated them. His intrusions into the Trayvon Martin affair (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”) and into the confrontation between a white police officer and a black Harvard professor (the police “acted stupidly”) were unwarranted, irresponsible, demagogic and most of all, divisive. He should have been reassuring black Americans that America is in fact the least racist country in the world—something he should know as well as anybody, having been raised only by whites and being the first black elected the leader of a white-majority nation. Instead, he echoed the inflammatory speech of professional race-baiters such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

He has also divided the country by economic class, using classic Marxist language against “the rich” and “corporate profits.”

Regarding America in the world, he has been, if possible, even more damaging. The United States is at its weakest, has fewer allies, and has less military and diplomatic influence than at any time since before World War II.

One wonders if there is a remaining ally nation that trusts him. And worse, no American enemy fears him. If you are a free movement (the democratic Iranian and Syrian oppositions) or a free country (Israel ), you have little or no reason to believe that you have a steadfast ally in the United States.

Even non-democratic allies no longer trust America. Barack Obama has alienated our most important and longest standing Arab allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Both the anti–Muslim Brotherhood and the anti-Iran Arab states have lost respect for him. His complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq has left that country with weekly bloodbaths.

Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done has left America or the world better since he became president. Nearly everything he has touched has been made worse.

He did, however, promise before the 2008 election that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” That is the one promise he has kept!  

Editor's note:   And every transformation he has attempted has lessened, depleted and diminished our United States of America in everything from employment, racial equality, international respect and influence, income, tax burdens and credit worthiness.

"The Enquirer" does get big stuff right on occasion.

IN a major behind-the-scenes blowout, President BARACK OBAMA and first lady MICHELLE waged their worst White House fight ever over her lavish vacation trip to China!

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that Obama exploded when Mi­chelle refused to cancel her pricey getaway - even after White House advisers warned him that the first couple's six-year string of extravagant vacations had already drained the U.S. Trea­sury of a whopping $150 million in tax­payers' money.

Instead of postpon­ing her trip, a furious Michelle - still seeth­ing over the embarrassing "selfie" Barack recently snapped with a leggy blonde head of state - announced that she was taking her mother along for company. She further declared that she didn't want reporters covering her activities overseas.

"This was a blowout of epic proportions - probably the nasti­est White House fight they've ever had," a Washington, D.C., insider told The ENQUIRER. "They were both screaming at one another.

"The president was infuriated when advisers told him that they'd added up the costs of all their 'vacations' and China was putting them over the $150 million mark.

"But he's defenseless to stop Michelle be­cause their marriage has collapsed. She's doing what she wants - and that's seeing the world on the American taxpayers' dime."

The embattled commander in chief flat-out begged his wife of 21 years to postpone the trip, according to a family insider. "But she refused," said the source.

"Then, when Barack asked why she had to take her mother along, Mi­chelle ripped into him. She screamed that he was 'lucky' that she hadn't left him after that embarrassing 'selfie,' and then she stormed off."

Michelle arrived in Beijing with her mother, Marian Robinson, and the Obamas' daughters, 15-year-old Malia and Sasha, 12, on March 20 for a planned seven-day, three-city trip. They checked into the lavish presidential suite at the Beijing Wes­tin hotel, costing a whopping $8,350 per night. The 3,400-square-foot suite included 24-hour butler service and a steam room.

One published report quoted hotel employees grumbling about Michelle's mom "barking at the staff " and added that the first lady's party was "inconveniencing pretty much everyone."
And it quickly became clear that Michelle had apparently won the battle to avoid media scrutiny.

While she was scheduled to de­liver a speech to students at Peking University, "The Weekly Standard" reported that "she won't be accompa­nied by the press" because "she does not plan to give interviews." As a result, the White House went into spin control, noted the D.C. insider.

"They're defending Michelle's trip by calling it 'a people-to-people exchange' and emphasizing 'the im­portance that both nations place on education,'" said the source. "But the fact is Michelle specifically demanded that reporters not follow her every move."

Media were granted access to only two of the 22 events on the first lady's schedule, and sources say Michelle's media ban hid her secret agenda to split from the president.

Besides being humiliated by the president's "selfie" photo with the sexy Danish prime minister at Nelson Mandela's memorial service last December, sources say Michelle was further outraged when she learned the Secret Service had been covering up the president's cheating.

The first lady has already met with divorce lawyers and is planning a separate life after her husband leaves the White House. "Obama's advisers told him he must try and keep Michelle 'under control' until then," divulged the D.C. insider.

"They explained that if Michelle walked out while he was still in office, the impact on his presiden­tial legacy would be catastrophic."

And Michelle isn't doing him any favors by traveling like a queen.
Besides the family's annual Au­gust vacation on ritzy Martha's Vineyard and Christmas holiday in Hawaii, Michelle jetted off to Mexico and Spain in 2010, and kicked up her heels at a posh ski resort in Vail, Colo., in 2011. In March 2011, she spent five days in Latin America with her mother and daughters. Three months later, they were joined by Michelle's niece and nephew for a safari in South Africa.

In June 2013, the first lady spent two days in Ireland. That trip re­quired booking 30 rooms at an exclusive hotel for her staff
and security detail, costing taxpayers a reported $5 million.

According to one published re­port: "The president's pricey travels have become so controversial that 'Judicial Watch' was forced to sue the Secret Service and Defense De­partment to get them to turn over records on the amount of taxpayer money
used to fly the first family all over the world." But Michelle couldn't care less, said the D.C. insider.

"It's clear to everyone at the White House that Barack has completely lost control of his wife," said the source. "Michelle does whatever she wants and goes wherever she wants. It's as if she's tacked up a map of the world and put pins #on all the places she wants to visit. The sad part is that taxpayers are paying for her bucket list."

Hope and Change. Really?

If you are a fan of Bernie Goldberg you might enjoy his website.  Here is a recent article.

 Click  HERE

Emergency Alert !!!

Reliable investigative sources in California say that

radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in the City of Los Angeles, killing anyone who is a U.S. citizen.

Police fear the death toll could be as high as 9.

The Charts Obama Doesn't Want You to See

Talking about Obamacare’s effects is one thing; seeing hard data is another.
Heritage’s newly updated Obamacare in Pictures has 15 charts that show the law’s effects on Americans—from canceled insurance policies to new taxes, Medicare cuts, reduced choice for plans, and more.

The link below is probably the best collection of information on ObamaCare that I have seen since the debacle started.  If you have been bewildered by the barrage of  media pieces on the different aspects of of the ACA you owe it to yourself to spend some time visualizing and digesting what has happened to us in the hands of the steamrolling statist that slipped into power a few years ago.

The charts in this link below washes away the all of the bullshit that President is so artful in sculpting for his smiling, clapping, and engineered audiences. Don't stop at just looking at the first three charts.  Click on the next link which will really let you discover the impact of this tidal wave of government power grabbing.

I noticed something on the first chart that examines the premium increase for 27 year olds medical insurance when they finally leave the compfy niche of their parents medical insurance.  The increases are astounding !  HOWEVER, check out the increase amount for Wash. DC.  A mere 1% !! How sweet for all the young folks in DC.  Gee!  It couldn't be some special deal our politicos worked out for all the government employees, staffers, Administration gophers and politicos.

Before you go through the charts you might want to top off your wine glass because if this does not make you madder than hell.....then you are simply not paying attention or you are still drinking the KoolAid.


Excerpts from weekly readings.....

For those who have been on the "Political Buddies" from the beginning know that I have
frequenty expressed my opinion that Barack Obama is merely a stupid person who is miraculously gifted with a rhetorical communication skill that masks ineptness in all the required  abilities for successful leadership of a major world power.  With that as an introduction below is a on point article I ran across from a writer that seems to echo my own supposition.  When you couple this with the clowns that circle the Administration you will get the picture.. (Pelosi, Biden,Maxine Waters..ad.. infinitum.)

"Among the many things Barack Obama’s swooning fans gushed about, from the moment he stepped off the plane from Liverpool, was his intelligence. From Manhattan cocktail parties to Hollywood elbow-rubs to San Francisco pre-orgies, whenever the topic of conversation changed from Obama’s body to his brain, liberals (after wiping the corners of their mouths) would gasp what a superior thinker he was. They’re not conversating much about it now, partly because he’s not the refreshing new craze anymore, and because saying out loud that Obama is extremely smart sounds more and more ridiculous as time goes by. You know they still believe it with all their hearts, but last I checked the heart’s job is to send blood to the brain, not do its thinking for it.

Has your itinerary ever listed as many as fifty-nine states? Have you ever singed the praises of people who built an intercontinental railroad? Do you think there is an Austrian language? When millions of drivers are being eaten alive by gasoline at $4.95 per gallon, do you tell them they wouldn’t be having such a hard time if they had simply tuned up their engines and inflated their tires properly? Have you ever reassured people that paralegals were present in case anyone required medical attention? Is “(e)verybody knows that it makes no sense that you send a kid to the emergency room for a treatable illness like asthma. They end up taking up a hospital bed. It costs when, if you, they just gave, you gave, treatment early, and they got some treatment, and uhhh a breathalyzer, or uhh, an inhalator, not a breathalyzer…” an actual quote by you? Because if you have, it’s fair to say aliens searching for signs of intelligence will avoid your head at all costs.

I should point out this list of Obama gaffes is not even close to the complete collection, and it already dwarfs the one produced by a certain perky-licious former governor of a very large state. (No, it’s not George W. Bush.)"

You can read the full fun article:


Whaddaya think about your big boy now????

The insanity of Obamacare was on full display this weekend over the news that, under the Affordable Care Act, Northwestern University’s football team, once unionized, would receive maternity coverage through its mandated federal health insurance.

“Northwestern University became the first school in the nation to deem its football players full-time employees, thus making them eligible for union representation and health insurance benefits including maternity coverage,” Rare reported. ”The kicker is that under Obamacare, the Evanston, Ill.-based team, comprised of more than 50 ‘employees,’ is considered a ‘large employer’ and Northwestern must provide pregnancy-related health care for the all-male team.”

The ridiculousness of the situation was highlighted by Republican Ben Sasse, a leading critic of Obamacare and candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska.

In a YouTube video titled “Pregnant Football Players,” Sasse pointed out the National Relations Labor Board is appointed by President Barack Obama – and they’re the same folks who recentlydecided college football players at Northwestern are the equivalent of full-time employees and can form a labor union.

We are only 6 months away from the crossroad..

I recall no election that could have the the ultimate impact of the direction of our nation than the one coming in November.  It will determine whether we continue the death spiral of debt, the fast an furious increase in taxes, the insidious creep of erosion of our personal privacy and individual liberties, the avalanche of government regulations  and as well, the assault on the primary engine of any progress....business and free markets.  When you add to the above the destruction of our military's ability to defend ourselves and the embarrassment of our lack of  leadership in the office of President we  must realize that it truly is a watershed period in the history of the United States of America.

The liberal administration that was allowed to take root seven years ago has brought absolutely nothing to the table to carry our country forward.  Despite the '08 recession the tepid recovery was kept from being robust because of the Obama anti-business agenda and ideological quest for government growth and bureaucratic domination by regulation and higher taxation.  

The progressive spirit brought to our government carried the cause of doing everything it could to turn huge segments of our populace into government dependent sponges and had their precious ballots purchased with huge increases of welfare, free cellphones, food stamps and extended unemployment troughs.

We need to recapture our nation...but it can only be done by throwing out the bums that have led us to our deterioration.

Give a few minutes to Dennis Prager who says it better then I.

And...you want this Obama Administration to be running your life....and it IS !!!

Ben sees things most don,t in a simple way.

Let me see if I have this right

Ukraine buys almost all its energy (natural gas) from Russia. Revenues from natural gas sales are a primary source of income for Russia.

Because of the recent disagreement between Ukraine and Russia, Russia is raising the price of natural gas it sells to Ukraine. Ukraine is almost broke and can't afford the increase in the natural gas price because it would be forced into bankruptcy. Russia is also almost broke and needs money.

President Obama just announced the United States is giving Ukraine $1 billion to assist in paying for the higher priced natural gas it buys from Russia.

So, the United States is actually giving Russia $1 billion because the money is just passing through Ukraine.

In other words, we are paying Putin $1 billion for having annexed Crimea. Reason totters.

The first question: Has Vladimir Putin figured out a way to raise the price of his natural gas sales and make the U.S. pay for the increase?

Next question: Was he really in the KGB or was he a commodities trader ?

If this analysis is accurate, Vladimir Putin just got Barack Obama to pay him $1 billion by holding a press conference and trucking some troops across town from the Russian Navy base in Ukraine.
Who is the Smartest guy in the room now ?
Oh Yes… Remember -

“I’ll have more flexibility after I am reelected.”

Perfect example of what happens when you let idiots who want :Free Shit" vote.

Obama May Want To Put The Cork Back In The Champagne Bottle After He Sees These ObamaCare Numbers


Now that Obama has taken a victory lap and popped the champagne cork over hitting the ObamaCare enrollment goal, it looks as if it might be time to put the cork back in the bottle.

Results of a RAND Corporation study suggest that barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans – nowhere near 7.1 million, as claimed by Obama – had paid for new policies and joined the ranks of the insured by the Monday night deadline. The study also indicates that only one-third of exchange sign-ups were previously uninsured.

Yes, millions of enrollees were previously insured, including those who lost coverage when their existing policies were cancelled because they didn’t meet ObamaCare’s minimum requirements.
Still, Obama claimed that “millions of people who have health insurance would not have it”‘ without ObamaCare. The numbers simply do not support that claim.

By the way, in addition to subtracting the number of those who have applied for ObamaCare but not paid for it from the 7.1 million number the White House touts, there are Medicaid adjustments to be made to Obama’s fuzzy math as well. The White House counts Medicaid enrollees in its numbers. Through December, between 1 and 2 million ObamaCare enrollees actually signed up for Medicaid vs. health insurance.

Moreover, when states report Medicaid enrollment data to the federal government, they don’t break down the number between the “gained Medicaid because of Obamacare” population and the “would have gotten Medicaid anyway” group.

So, while the White House will most certainly continue to pat itself on the back for a “job well done,” the only “job” is the snow job being perpetrated on the American public.


Our Harvard professor in the Oval does not understand the Debt Ceiling (or any other economic concept.)
Liberals do not understand the Debt Ceiling or its impact on our national debt.
Democrats don't understand THE DEBT CEILING or care about it.

So let me explain it to them.

Let's say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood. Your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

What do you think you should do -- raise the ceiling or pump out all the crap?

Your choice is coming next November. Don't miss the opportunity.

Are you listening Barack..Not likely....!..

ANOTHER Obama Administration clown act.

"No, it cannot happen. It will not happen. The Obama administration absolutely, positively will NOT extend the deadline to sign up for Obamacare."

This isn’t even a laugh line anymore. It’s just an eye roller. And how silly these guys look now:

“We have no plans to extend the open enrollment period. In fact, we don’t actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014.” — Health and Human Services (HHS) official Julie Bataille, March 11

“Once that 2014 open enrollment period has been set, they are set permanently.” – HHS official Michael Hash, March 11

“March 31st is the deadline for enrollment. You’ve heard us make that clear.” – Press Secretary Jay Carney, March 21

“There is no delay beyond March 31.” – HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, March 12

There was no delay…until there was. The Washington Post reported last night that March 31 is not, in fact, the final word. To get more time, you tell the government that you haven’t been able to sign up yet:

Under the new rules, people will be able to qualify for an extension by checking a blue box on HealthCare.gov to indicate that they tried to enroll before the deadline. This method will rely on an honor system; the government will not try to determine whether the person is telling the truth.

Excellent plan. Sounds very similar to the expanded hardship exemption from the individual mandate—where the administration essentially said having your policy canceled by Obamacare was a new hardship that had to be accommodated. And all you have to say is that you “believe” other insurance policies available to you are unaffordable.

So the administration’s word means nothing, but officials expect the rest of America to operate on the honor system.

After years of Obamacare delays and changes, the administration has lost all credibility.

Americans deserve better. You deserve patient-centered health reform that is true to its purpose: giving you more choices and better value. You deserve to control your own health care—and not to have to worry what the whims of government bureaucrats will be tomorrow.


A young black kid asks his mother, "Mama, what is Socialism and what
is Racism?"

"Well, Child,... Socialism is when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits, you know... like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EBC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, and on and on, ...you know.  Well ,that's Socialism ".

"But mama, don't the white people get upset about that??

"Sure they do Honey.  And  that's called Racism."

Obama's Wrecking Ball. What will be next??

What is the number that matters most today on ObamaCare? The administration hopes you think that its much-touted figure of 6 million potential ObamaCare enrollees win the prize. But that’s a mostly meaningless metric that does not reveal any relevant data about those who have signed up (or clicked a box indicating that they might sign up in the next few weeks).

 Who paid?     No idea.
How many of them are just refugees from ObamaCare regulations that cancelled existing policies?    Don’t know?
What is the proportion of sick, costly subscribers to healthy, low-cost customers? Can’t say. 

Can they say anything at all about numbers at all? They think they’re great and they’re quite proud of themselves. But that, of course, tells us nothing about how this disaster-prone initiative is playing with voters or might shape the fall elections. Fortunately, we have a spate of new polling to answer those questions.

All-time low - An AP poll out this morning says just 26 percent of Americans support ObamaCare. That’s 13 points below where the law stood when it passed four years ago – an all-time low.

That echoes what the latest Fox News poll, out Thursday, revealed. Our poll shows ObamaCare opposition continuing to ride high at 56 percent. 

 $10 Billion so far in ObamaCare subsidies -   A report released Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation reverls that 83 percent of the 4.2 million people who had selected a plan as of March 1 had qualified for subsidies, which average nearly $3,000 per person.”  A scary truth is that our tax money spent $3000 per head so that the same people can buy insuracne that costs them twice as much as what it would have cost them in an open market place instead of one that was created by their own government !!

Proud of ObamaCare???? Ya gotta be shittin' me!!!

Editor's Note:   As of today, changed or delayed 36 times!!!

Democrats breaking ranks on ObamaCare.

Democrats, fearing election losses, are desperately trying to fix the disastrous law.

A long-promised remedy from moderate Democrats to some of ObamaCare’s worst problems debuts today. The question is will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the rest of Team Obama let the suite of legislation see daylight. That’s not clear. Given the propensity of the president to act alone in changing ObamaCare, he seems unlikely to allow his fellow Democrats to start yanking on the unsteady law.

 The dozens of delays, carve-outs and alterations President Obama has conjured have not so far been enough to protect vulnerable Democrats from public outrage over the false promises and botched implementation of the law. The Democratic Party’s increasing liberalism over the past decade has left little tolerance for moderate triangulators like those offering the fixes rolling out today. Among the co-sponsors are Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va.; Mark Begich, D-Alaska; Mary Landrieu, D-La.; Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D.; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; and Sen. Angus King, I., Maine  all of whom are fervently trying to get away from Obama and the poisonous swamp of ObamaCare.

A Quinnipiac poll released this morning shows Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., ahead of Republican frontrunner Ed Gillespie, 46 percent to 31 percent. Offering hope to Republicans: The president is stuck at 44 percent job approval and 52 percent of voters oppose his signature health law]

Tough medicine for Obama to take - Among provisions expected to be unveiled by the centrist six today include lower-cost insurance options than those allowed by ObamaCare, allowances for insurers to compete across state lines, small-business tax credits and exemptions for mid-sized employers. Most objectionable to President Obama and his allies in the insurance industry would be a proposal seen by some as potentially wiping out the deadline for ObamaCare enrollment. Some of the measures could no doubt pass the Senate, but Reid and Obama have been working desperately to shift the discussion away from America’s number one political issue, not towards it. The president has made a point of dismissing bipartisan calls for congressional action on his law, but vulnerable Democrats obviously need more relief than Obama can provide with his pen and phone.

Where have we heard this before?

Another ObamaCare Delay


The  Obama administration has decided to give extra time to Americans who say that they are unable to enroll in health plans through the federal insurance marketplace by the March 31 deadline. 

Once again his Imperial Majesty has manipulated "his" law to make another desperate  attempt to rush a few more of the young and healthy young and dumbers through the Obamacare signuup door.  After multiple millions of your tax dollars have been spent on foolish comedy skits, testimonials from his cult followers and childish Presidential plugs....the signup rate is still far below that said to be required for sustainability of ObamaCare.

People will be able to qualify for an extension by checking a blue box on HealthCare.gov to indicate that they tried to enroll before the deadline. This method will rely on an honor system; the government will not try to determine whether the person is telling the truth." Also, "an exact time frame for this extension has not been set...Nor have officials decided precisely how long people will have to select a health plan after they get the extra time."
Even after this latest ObamaCare improvisation expires, many patients will still be able to buy coverage under existing rules that allow for later sign-ups. Those include people who have a new baby, are getting a divorce, lose a job with health insurance or had a technical problem signing up for coverage through HealthCare.gov,. And of course people will still be trusted to tell the truth about why they need more time — a method known as 'self-attestation.
This week's hurried rewrite of ObamaCare rules will help the administration try to meet its lowered expectation of 6 million customers. But it also shines a light on one of the reasons the new policies will be so costly: Patients are able to buy coverage after learning they will need medical care. An insurance pool of only self-selected sick patients is not really insurance at all, but simply a mechanism for paying the costs of care.  And those costs are certain to rise. 

Does the Obamacare Deadline Apply to Me?

In two weeks, Obamacare’s centerpiece—the individual mandate to purchase government-
approved health insurance—kicks in.

Are you “covered,” as the White House keeps asking in its endless advertising? Because if you don’t have health insurance by March 31, you will have to pay a penalty on your income tax form next year.

For 2014, the penalty for not purchasing insurance will be either $95 or 1 percent of your annual income (whichever is greater). But as Heritage expert Alyene Senger explains, “Very few, if any, people will end up paying just $95, because individuals with an annual income of only $9,500 or less would likely qualify for Medicaid or a hardship exemption from the mandate.”

If you don’t make enough income to file a federal tax return, you’re already exempt. Do you think you qualify for a hardship exemption? Check out the application (subject to approval by Health and Human Services) here. For example, did you:

Receive “a shut-off notice from a utility company”?
Recently experience the death of a close family member?
Receive a notice that your health plan was being canceled, and “you consider the other plans available unaffordable”?

At the end of the list, the application form has the catch-all reason “You experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance.” To prove it? “Please submit documentation if possible.”

Despite all these possible exemptions, The Fiscal Times reports, “A new study by Bankrate.com shows that about one-third of uninsured Americans are going to remain without coverage and opt to pay the penalty.” In fact, more than half of the uninsured are “unaware of the March 31 deadline.”

If you think the penalty is no big deal right now, Heritage’s Senger warns that “The mandate increases drastically in coming years, rising to $325 or 2 percent of income in 2015, and $695 or 2.5 percent of income in 2016—whichever is greater.”

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that from 2015 to 2024, the mandate penalty—which the Supreme Court ruled is essentially a tax—is expected to cost Americans $51 billion.

And that was after President Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class.

It’s worth mentioning the official name of this tax—because it just doesn’t get any more Orwellian. Really, it's Obama's  
ideal name for all taxes: the “shared responsibility payment.”

Get ready to pay up,buddies !.

Rand Paul is Right.

Senator Rand Paul spoke this week at a stronghold of the left-wing academy, the University of California, Berkeley, and he got a standing ovation. He did it by making an argument that any conservative can embrace and extend much further.

Senator Paul’s address critiqued the surveillance state and the substantial threat it might pose to Americans’ privacy. And certainly, the government’s intelligence capabilities are far greater than most Americans understood before a series of illegal disclosures in the last year.

Most people are probably comfortable, more or less, with our intelligence agencies having substantial capabilities for national security purposes. But when we learn that the CIA has hacked into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s staff computers–the committee charged with overseeing the CIA–it is no doubt time for a real conversation about the power of these agencies and checking their excesses.

The issues Senator Paul raised and to which Berkeley students responded so favorably, however, are just one example of a much greater challenge.

As Paul said in his speech, “I think I perceive fear of an intelligence community that’s drunk with power, unrepentant and uninclined to relinquish power….They’re only sorry they got caught.”

“Power must be restrained,” he continued, “because no one knows who will next hold that power.”

Crumbling of the BIG LIE !


Like party-goers who wish they weren't invited, as ObamaCare hits its fourth birthday this Sunday a new poll shows Americans don’t much like the birthday boy. And who can blame them? Born of highly-partisan passage in 2010 by a then Democratic-controlled Congress without a single favorable Republican vote, the president’s signature health law has unleashed a cascade of confusion via a disastrous rollout, millions of policy cancellations and sticker shock. 

Results of the latest Pew Research survey show 53 percent of respondents disapprove of the entitlement program, while 41 percent approve. Opposition to the health law is just one point shy of the poll’s all-time high. This can’t be a welcome gift as team Obama continues its feverish enrollment push to reach a scaled-down goal of six million ObamaCare sign ups by March 31.

The breakdown - Equally damaging to the White House: its effort to boost enrollment among Hispanics is falling flat. Pew finds a dramatic drop in Hispanic support for the health law from September when 61 percent approved of ObamaCare. Now, despite a flurry of appearances on Spanish television by President Obama, only 47 percent approve of the program. While young people, another critical group remain split, some 32 percent say they disapprove very strongly of the president’s signature healthcare law. 

If the administration can’t convince enough of these young invincibles to enroll the impact on insurance risk pools could result in even higher premium costs for all.

A major support group when Obama was elected was the "Young and Dumb".  It appears right now that the Administration is appealing to  them again to try and rescue crumbling ObamaCare.  And, it is the same with the Hispanics.

Support is dipping also for Obama from Hispanics and African Americans, 

A recent  poll found. While 71 percent of  Hispanics and 93 of Afro- Americans supported Obama's re-election bid, their approval now registers 68 percent and 84 percent.  Hoping that the "Hope and Change" candidate would put a friendly power in the White House for them...they have been the biggest losers of all segments of our population.  ObamaCare has been the primary wrecking ball to hurt everyone but the liberal war on business, higher taxes, retarded ideological attitudes, lack of knowledge regarding how real world economics work and stunted ability to manage employment and growth has turned the spotlight on the stage of a failed Presidency.



President Obama’s declaration that "We are not going to be getting into a military excursion in Ukraine” put a pitiful punctuation mark on the weakness of the president’s hand in attempts to get Russia to abandon its aggressive moves in the Crimean peninsula.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have served up an ace for Mother Russia, leaving Obama standing at the baseline watching the ball go by. While both sides expressed a wish to avoid a direct confrontation and there has been no support for U.S. troops on the ground in the region among Democrats and Republicans, the president’s response to San Diego station KSND reporter’s question Wednesday made it clear how limited his options are. AP reports,

 “The question facing the White House now is whether actions that have done little to stop Russia from claiming Crimea are tough enough to stop further escalations by Moscow. And if they continue to prove insufficient, what else is Obama willing to do to change Vladimir Putin's calculus?... thus far, sanctions levied by both the U.S. and the European Union have done little to deter…Putin.” So, with NATO allies worried that Putin might engage in a new match in Eastern Ukraine, or elsewhere in Europe, what’s the Russian leader likely to serve up next? As has seemed to be the case in the confrontation thus far and 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton put succinctly Tuesday night. “That’s primarily up to Putin.”

The latest uptick in sanctions today, (Thursday) will only be know as Vladimir digest them and decides how to further slap Obama around.


We sure would  hate to piss off a few Muslims.   If they are such innocent by standers, maybe they should man up and try to get their brethren to stop being the Neanderthals of the planet.  It might be a little easier on the grandmothers and babies that have to be strip searched because they have to be used to prove we are not racially profiling.   I don't care how many assholes want to feel offended if his turban is inspected, he should have stuffed it in his carry- on bag.  
I am so tired of us kissing the ass of a religious segment that has proved nothing but a liability to our nation and to be excused from being a suspect.  If they are an innocent victim, then lets see at least  see some form of  their objection to the atrocities of their brotherhoods who  are attempting to bring down upon the single nation that gives them education, freedom of expression, and all of the benefits of liberty.

In case your are wondering about my problem with profiling, without these bastards, there would be about 320,000 close relatives that would still have a loved one..were it not for Islamic terrorism. 

And, this is just the beginning.....watch !

No Reporters on Michelle Obama's Trip to China. Here we go again !! The Queen is traveling. Must be nice !!!


In the article below I did an estimate of the cost of the Royal Famiy's little China jaunt. I did the calculation because of expense accounting for earlier such self aggrandizement.


First Lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her children and her mother on her trip to China, which begins today. But she won't be accompanied by the press. 

"Michelle Obama’s trip to China starting on Wednesday will be nonpolitical, the White House says, a 'people-to-people exchange' emphasizing the importance that both nations place on education. As if to underscore the point, no reporters are traveling with the first lady, and she does not plan to give interviews while there," reports the New York Times.

The White House is defending the first lady bringing her family along for the ride by saying it's what the Chinese would want. "Tina Tchen, Mrs. Obama’s chief of staff and a first-generation Chinese-American, said a multigenerational visit would be appreciated by the Chinese, who value tradition," says the Times.
But in America, the trip is not without controversy. "Mrs. Obama is drawing scrutiny for her decision to travel with her mother and her two daughters, who are on spring break, bringing to mind a vacation she took to Spain in 2010 with her daughter Sasha and some friends. She and her entourage paid for their lodging and entertainment. But the security cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, and the trip was criticized as lavish.," reads the report.
"Some conservative commentators are calling the China trip a junket. The White House will not say how much it will cost."   Expense watchers of the IMPERIAL OBAMA TRAVELS come up of a minimum of:

Flight to and from: $3,730,000  (two big jets at $187,000 per hour. (Min.60 hours to and from)
 Security                  1,730,000                   Third Plane for security prep.
Local Security          1,000,000                   Your tax dollars paid to all of the local authorities for the                                       1,200,000                    expenses of their security.
Hotel, gifts, Pers.
expenses, dog
 care, personal aids
for mother, girls and
personal maids and
attendants..            2,350,000

This is a very conservative calculation.  There are aspects of Royal travel that are unimaginable.  At minimum, your tax dollars are shelling out over 6 MILLION DOLLARS TO HAUL THEIR ASSES OVER TO CHINA FOR A SPRING BREAK !!   HOLY SHIT !!  And keep in mind this is after the last spring break when the daughters spent millions more, and doubled down by dragging along a bunch of school buddies to go along to keep them company on their "Spring Break" 

If you are a parent, and had to fork over a few hundred dollars to help your kid go to Spring break in Florida, how do you like buying a People to People  visit....on your tax bill to entertain Obama's royal family.   Ya just gotta be offended enough to dump their Senate minions.  ( If you are a Democrat:   google:   " minions"


EDITORS NOTE:  This cost analysis is very conservative.  There is usually a third plane or planes hauling over a big load of security vehicles  The Secret Service all have to have their own vehicles.  Often the even fly over special crews of undercover personnel to "cruise the underground' to sniff out bad actors.  No price on this expense.

How do you spell hypocrite? O-B-A-M-A

Warnings From the Ukraine Crisis A new century's dangers begin to come into focus

Peggy Noonan shares her sharp eye on old national political gamesmanship and presents scary aspects of how it is likely to present itself in the future.  Her piece is very enlightening. F.

"Mr. Putin doesn't move because of American presidents, he moves for his own reasons. But he does move when American presidents are weak. He moved on Georgia in August 2008 when George W. Bush was reeling from unwon wars, terrible polls and a looming economic catastrophe that all but children knew was coming. (It came the next month.) Mr. Bush was no longer formidable as a leader of the free world"

Peggy's full article available with a Click HERE

Amazing how stupid your President thinks you are. Don't prove him right !

According to the President, it’s ordinary Americans who don’t understand health insurance. But every revelation about Obamacare screams that this law is completely unworkable. Its creation and implementation have been ham-handed at best and disastrous at worst. Americans deserve better.

Isn't nice that our President had decided that you are so stupid that you cannon manage your own choices.   And..these are his words yesterday.
“There are some people who have very bad insurance, but they don’t know it because they don’t understand the fine print.    I said:  You should be able to keep the health insurance you have even if it’s not very good. Even if you could get insurance on HealthCare.gov, you should be able to keep it.” And that’s the part of the law we’ve extended."    What a Bullshitter.....and he believes that you believe that crap.

You owe it to dig deeper...   Check out this link to the full picture:  Click HERE

Our biggest national security threat; Barack Obama.

This is a president who does not believe in American exceptionalism, a president who is uninterested in national security and America's place in the world, who considers our strength part of the problem, and who believes that America is the cause of international tension.

This is like looking at the world through the wrong end of a telescope, but that is Obama's world.  Barack Obama is so disinterested in protecting American interests,You have to  wonder what team he's even playing for.

Consider this - we're talking about a president who did absolutely nothing to avenge the murder of our Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists.

This is a terrible lesson for our adversaries to learn: that under Barack Obama you can murder his personal representative and get away scot-free. And, if it wasn't tragic enough, our nation's top diplomat went and screamed at Congress that it doesn't matter.

How do we tell Hillary Clinton in unmistakable terms 'We know what difference it makes'  and Mrs. Clinton will not escape her responsibility for what happened in Benghazi.

Conservatives need to take this year to mobilize the vast majority of Americans who believe as we do - that America is the greatest nation on earth and that our leaders should start acting like it.

 We do not accept an America that is weak and declining,  poorly equipped,  or a  president who is weak, indecisive, and apologetic about our country.

We must return national security to the center of the political debate throughout 2014 and replace the Obama/Clinton/Kerry/Biden doctrine of drift, decline, and defeatism with a strong Reaganite foreign policy.
Get out the vote, and talk to a liberal if you can find one.

Sharyl Attkisson: "I HAVE RESIGNED FROM CBS"

Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning CBS News investigative reporter who doggedly pursued the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals, resigned from the network yesterday. Attkisson was reportedly frustrated by CBS News’ liberal bias.

Attkisson was honored in 2012 with an Edward R. Murrow Award for her coverage of the Fast and Furious gunrunning debacle, which involved the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Attkisson shifted gears to cover the Benghazi terrorist attack that left four members of the U.S. diplomatic mission dead.

Politico‘s Dylan Byers reported Monday that Attkisson “had grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias, an outsized influence by the network’s corporate partners and a lack of dedication to investigative reporting.”

“She increasingly felt like her work was no longer supported and that it was a struggle to get her reporting on air,” Byers wrote.

Attkisson, who worked at CBS News for two decades, is writing a book tentatively titled, “Stonewalled: One Reporter’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington.”

It was Attkisson’s pursuit of the truth about Obama Administration scandals that “led network executives to doubt the impartiality of her reporting,” according to Byers.

Bernie Goldberg ran into the same "Stonewall" at CBS when he was with them and the same frustration with the network's liberal bias gave birth to his book, "BIAS"

I know the feeling....Poor Adolph! Another victim of Barack's bullshit!

Sound up and good in full screen... freeze frame if you need to read captions..

ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate Effectively Postponed — For 3 Years — For Policies That Were Cancelled

This regulatory decision, coupled with the delays granted to employers large and small in the mandate that they cover their workers, so truncates ObamaCare as to amount to its a virtual repeal.
Specifically, by delaying the individual mandate for three years, Obama has given the GOP everything it sought in its abortive government shutdown in October, 2013.
Now, those whose health care policies were cancelled can opt out of the individual mandate — and not pay the fine for being uncovered — simply by checking a box on the form.
Under the new rules, according to the Wall Street Journal, “all you need to do is fill out a form attesting that your plan was cancelled and that you ‘believe that the plan options available in the [ObamaCare] Marketplace in your area are more expensive than your cancelled health insurance policy’ or ‘you consider other available policies unaffordable.’
You can even opt out of the requirement to buy new insurance if,  “you experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance.” Documentation? The regulation only requires that you provide it “if possible.”
Effectively, this means that anyone who wants an exemption from ObamaCare who previously had a policy that was cancelled can get one simply by asking for it. No proof. No documentation.
The policy retreat is the latest in a series of Administration attempts to backpedal on the law and its requirements as their reality dawns on voters in swing states and on Democratic Senators trying to entice them to back their re-election.
The previous step back was an announcement last week that the one year moratorium on cancellations would be extended to three years, effectively pushing it out past the 2016 elections.
But, that postponement will not affect many of the states where endangered Senate Democrats live. That is because the original decision to postpone the cancellations was subject to the approval of the state insurance commissioner in each locale. The blue state commissioners mostly rejected the option and ordered the cancellations to proceed. As a result, the president’s offer of a postponement for two more years of the cancellations will avail little marginal Senate Democratic candidates in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and West Virginia.
Altogether, the retreat of this president from the enforcement of his signature program is breathtaking and can only be summed up as a repeal, or postponement of the bulk of the ObamaCare Law’s provisions.
Can Obama repeal and postpone his way to keeping a Senate majority in the fall? We’ll see.


Nancy Pelosi put on a brave face with reporters, claiming ObamaCare won’t hurt her party with voters this fall. But, c’mon. However you slice the latest polls or the results of the special election in Florida this week, the law is a big net negative for Democrats. A reasonable argument can be made that Democrats have a strategy to mitigate some of the harm by counterattacking Republicans, but even that looks less likely when one sees forecasts like this from the Daily Caller: “Four out of five U.S. companies have either already raised deductibles on their employee health plans or are considering it thanks to Obamacare, according to a survey of over 700 businesses by consulting firm Mercer LLC…” What that means is that in the heat of the election cycle, voters who were previously concerned but not personally affected by the law will get bad news from their employer-provided health plans. The majority of Americans get their insurance through their jobs. Millions are expected to be dumped onto ObamaCare in the years to come, but we are starting to see how the law will disrupt coverage for lots of voters before Election Day.

“I’m very proud of our House Democrats and how they have not only embraced the Affordable Care Act, because they helped create it, but how proud they are of it,” Pelosi told reporters. “I think the Republicans are wasting their time using that as their electoral issue, and they will find that out.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to reporters at a press conference Thursday.
Check out the survey itself and how it is predicting as well as displaying the failures of the so called"Affordable Care Plan."  CLICK HERE


The House will take up today a bill tying an ObamaCare delay to the annual ritual of delaying scheduled cuts to Medicare payments to doctors. 

The so-called “doc fix” has been part of life in Washington for nearly 20 years as lawmakers forestall the trims that were part of Clinton-era budget deals. If the patch isn’t approved by the end of the month, doctors, especially in rural areas, might drop millions of patients.

 The $282 billion House GOP bill covers a ten-year span, paid for by an ObamaCare delay. The White House released a statement on Wednesday, saying that if the president was presented this bill, he would veto it. But that’s not likely to happen, since Senate Democrats are ready to let the ax fall on Medicare recipients unless Republicans agree to an unconditional extension. Watch Fox: Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel is following the debate. You will see very little coverage by mainstream media.

IRS violations in plain sight.

Don't show to a Democrat !!!

This could be dangerous to a liberal.  Facing facts, and reality causes severe lost of sleep.

                                                       Click HERE

"Welcome to South Central LA !"

This is street justice. Not much of a cost to the taxpayers and QUICK.
This is a brief videotaped in the streets of LA. It is good CLEAN shooting....
Thank God for the dash cam video of this incident,
without it the Liberal News Media, the NAACP,
Sharpton and Jackson would have stirred up a race riot
over the cops shooting those two "unarmed-{black}  youths".
Sound Up   and Full Screen it.